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MARKETING BEYOND THE BORDERS: Growth Hacker Marketing by Ryan Holiday

While «Growth Hacker Marketing» by Ryan Holiday was one of the shortest books about communication principals in the digital age (really, you’ll finish it just in a couple of hours), it provides the schema for marketing activities like any other... Continue Reading →

NEW REALITY FOR PR: Why Internet, Niche Culture And Feedback Change The Communication Practice

Recently I've noticed that in search of the information about modern strategies in PR and communication, I moved from communication to popular business section of the library. And it’s not only marketing literature I take there, but also some books... Continue Reading →

VIRALITY ON PRACTICE: Contagious by Jonah Berger

The actuality of Word of mouth as a PR tool become obvious fro me after the few last books I’ve read, however, while Gladwell and Anderson described the models excitingly and gave dozens of helpful insights in what makes some... Continue Reading →

ACTIVISM AGAINST REPUTATION: Why taking stands on controversial issues is risky for companies?

More and more businesses take stands on political and social issues, especially it's obvious in such countries as the USA and the UK, where society is highly polarized after Trump's election and Brexit. However, the question is how such statements... Continue Reading →

HOW WE ACTUALLY MAKE DECISIONS: Nudge by Thaler & Sunstein

The book “Nudge” was introduced to me during one of the classes on contemporary issues in PR and attracted my attention almost immediately: partly because the theory sounded interesting, partly because one of the references on the back cover was... Continue Reading →

STORIES IN THE FOREFRONT: New challenges for storytelling in communication industry

Anecdotes and stories always sell, - who does not know this truth? It keeps attention, it makes people sympathetic and awakens empathy, so you engage with the audience and, if the story built cleverly, reach your aim and persuade people... Continue Reading →

IMBALANCED​ POWER: Influencers’ relations in the age of social media

«It's the golden question!» says stylist and fashion journalist Chloe Beeney about the problem of determining the influencers. «Nobody knows the answer». And she is not the only one who sees no real scheme to predict who will be the... Continue Reading →

CO-OPERATION ON THE SCREEN: How brands can use product placement effectively?

Product Placement is an easy way not only to advertise the product but also to make a good endorsement for the brand or company if it is placed in the right context for the target audience. From this point of... Continue Reading →

PR JUST FOR PR’S SAKE: How fashion and tech companies attract massive coverage without the real story?

If a special event or PR stunt receives massive coverage, it’s good for the company, is not it? Actually no. PR just for PR’s sake should not exist, as in long-term perspective it does not lead to sales, reputation improvement... Continue Reading →

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