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PR JUST FOR PR’S SAKE: How fashion and tech companies attract massive coverage without the real story?

If a special event or PR stunt receives massive coverage, it’s good for the company, it not it? Actually no. PR just for PR’s sake should not exist, as in long-term perspective it does not lead to sales, reputation improvement... Continue Reading →

TALENT GAP: Why PR faces the problem with Human Resources?

I’ve never could imagine that problem of firing new talents is one of the TOP-three problems for PR industry worldwide. The World PR Report 2016 by PRWeek and ICCO reveals, that optimism about talent rates only 5.6 at the Global... Continue Reading →

THE BIG NIGHT FOR PR: How Brands Use Oscar For Promotion?

The Oscar's Night finished a few hours ago, and the publicity machine around it is spinning now as fast as it can, providing curious people with information about best movies, best dresses and main surprises and comme il fauts of... Continue Reading →

CONFLICT OF INTERESTS: The role of media relations

The publicist Paul Graham (2005) describes PR as “a huge, quiet submarine beneath the news”. He reveals to media relations, which have always been the most significant part of the PR duties. I should mention, that the media relations equally... Continue Reading →

DON’T STOP PROCRATINATING: Why distraction helps to find creative ideas in PR

Every time I sit in front of my laptop, working on a study project, an article for the magazine or a new blog post, I find myself half an hour later distracted by social media and newsfeed from my favorite... Continue Reading →

The Hardest Word to Say in Crisis PR

Remember the amazing pop song by Blue and Elton John called “Sorry seems to be the hardest word”? Never could imagine I will associate it with crisis communications, but it’s true. During the PRCA Webinar on Crisis Management, hosted by... Continue Reading →

PLAYING HIDE AND SEEK: will PR ever become transparent for the ​public?

  «What are you studying, PR? What does it mean?» - my grandmother keeps asking me this question every time we meet. And she’s not the only one among my relatives and friends who have no idea what is PR... Continue Reading →

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