As soon as I read the annotation to the “Moonwalking with Einstein” by Joshua Foer, the same time I’d like to read get the copy. It’s not surprising: the story of a journalist, who could train the memory to win the USA championship on memorizing in one year, worth reading. Often having problems with remembering the names of the literature characters or movies’ plots, I had been dreaming about improving my memory for a long time. However, I should confess straight forward: this book did not help me in this anyhow. So if you expect to find the guide on training memorizing skills, you may be disappointed. No, the description does not lie: Foer indeed describes mnemonic techniques – modern and old ones, that people used in ancient times, even before the writing was invented. Though use these strategies in daily life almost impossible.

The real reason to read this book is the engaging evidence of our ability to reach much greater aims we ever considered. On 200 pages Foer shares with the readers numerous scientific and entertaining facts about the system of our brain and our memory, explains existing theories about memorizing, and which surprising experiments were held and findings were discovered. It was interesting to trace together with the author, how mankind’s attitudes towards the art of memorizing changed, and why in the age of mobile apps and devices which can keep for us any information from telephone numbers to shopping lists and daily calendars, the ability to keep it in our own mind still so important.

It’s an amazing popular science book, which motivates the readers to set the high aims and reach them confidently, and there’s no difference whether it’s the victory at the national championship in memorizing or our personal goals!

My experience had validated the old saw that practice makes perfect. But only if it’s the right kind of concentrated, self-conscious, deliberate practice. I’d learned firsthand that with focus, motivation, and, above all, time, the mind can be trained to do extraordinary things. This was a tremendously empowering discovery. It made me ask myself: What else was I capable of doing, if only I used the right approach?
― Joshua Foer, Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything